2x Pampers 8 Diapers


Pampers have released these Extra Large (XL) size 8 BabyDry diapers only in the UK - to our knowledge they are available nowhere else in the world currently.

NOTE: you will receive a sample of two individual diapers, not a full pack.

As we receive a lot of questions every day from customers around the world asking about where to get the largest size, good quality diapers, we though we'd help you out and list them on here so you can try them. Due the the size/weight, we are selling a sampler of two individual Pampers size 8, taken from a brand new pack. It's not economical to ship whole packs internationally.

These are listed as 17+ kg/37+ lbs size-wise and are certainly the largest baby diapers we have seen on the market anywhere. The pictures show a full pack, as sold in the stores, and show the diaper fitted to a Girls Large ConvertUps and finally the new diaper alongside an older design Size 6 to give a size comparison.

Made in England, genuine Pampers size 8, brand new.

Shipped discretely in plain white packaging, just like ConvertUps. Add these in with your ConvertUps order and we'll combine shipping to save on postage.