Plastic XXL Diaper


ConvertUps have a limited supply of brand new mint condition plastic-backed Size 6/XXL baby diapers. They don't make plastic-backed crinkly diapers anymore, so this is a rare opportunity to purchase a scarce item, which is getting harder to come by each day. Selling what we have. When they are gone, they are gone.

The pics show a girl's Goodnites/Drynites XL/Jumbo/16 years pull-up for size comparison. This is NOT included in the sale.

This purchase is for a single brand new XXL plastic diaper straight from the pack.

The tapes are the proper sticky ones, no velcro. They tape to a plastic panel on the front and are re-sealable. The whole diaper is plastic backed and crinkly. The leg cuffs are plastic, just like old Pampers. This is slightly larger than a Pampers size 7. The waist band is the old non-elasticated type. Just like 80s/early 90s Pampers.

Shipped discretely in plain white packaging, just like ConvertUps. Add these in with your ConvertUps order and we'll combine shipping to save on postage.

PLEASE NOTE that as these are not velco-type diapers, and they have no velcro tapes or landing area on the front, they will not work with ConvertUps unfortunately. We bought these to test with our product and discovered that we couldn't get them to work.