Extenders are an add-on product which converts any size of ConvertUps to the next size up, by extending the length of the side bands.

With our Extenders, your ConvertUps can be extended as follows:

  • Small to Medium
  • Medium to Large
  • Large to XL
  • XL to XXL+*

*Multiple Extenders can be attached together to make an XXXL or XXXXL, whatever size you need. These attach to your existing ConvertUps side bands using the secure velcro attachment.

Designed for kids/teens who have outgrown their ConvertUps, people who want flexibility to use different sized Diapers/Nappies with their ConvertUps and situations where possibly more than one size is required for different situations.

Available in a neutral design - plain white, great for Girls or Boys and for extending any design of ConvertUps.

Made from soft, breathable and very comfortable cotton, just like your ConvertUps.