girls small ConvertUpConvertUps®are a revolutionary range of products which allow any baby diaper to be converted into toilet training pants and/or bedwetting protection for kids, teens and adults of all sizes.

Save Money

Around 1/4 of the cost vs training/bedwetting pyjama pants or larger size incontinence briefs

Better Product

Looks, feels and works like real underwear
Soft, breathable, 100% cotton
Designed in England, made in Europe, finished by hand
Available in Girls, Boys and White designs; in Small, Medium, Large and XL sizes; toddlers to adults are covered


Pulls up and down easily, just like real underwear
Strong, secure Velcro® tabs allow adjustment and fast changes without removing clothing

Great for Kids!

Beautiful designs for Girls & Boys
No itchy, scratchy disposable elastic sides to tear, stretch out of shape and make your child feel uncomfortable
Discrete soft cotton, more like real underwear, less rustle

Better for the Environment

ConvertUps are 100% washable and re-usable
Lower environmental footprint than disposable training and bedwetting products

Works with any nappy/diaper brand

Works with all mainstream and own-brand nappies/diapers
Size 5, 6, 6+ or 7 recommended for best fit

One re-usable cotton ConvertUp can be used many times, with regular size 5, 6, 6+ or 7 disposable baby nappies/diapers.

Revolutionary Design

how ConvertUps workThis diagram shows how ConvertUps solve the two major challenges encountered in adapting size 5/6/7 nappies/diapers:

riseensuring that the nappy/diaper sits high enough around the waist.

stretchextending the tapes to attach securely and snugly around to the front.

ConvertUps come in a range of sizes designed to suit everyone, so the required rise at the front, and extension from the rear varies through the size range; small, medium, large and XL. This ensures a snug and comfortable fit across the range for kids, teens and adults.

Simple Usage

snaps and tapesConvertUps are designed with speed and simplicity of use in mind.

Start with any brand of regular disposable nappy/diaper.

Step 1.
Velcro-attach the nappy/diaper landing area to the ConvertUp front panel, then secure the side tabs into the ConvertUp snaps.

Step 2.
Secure the nappy/diaper tapes into special velcro enclosures on the elasticated ConvertUps sides.



pull-up stylepull up and down like regular underwear

diaper styleor draw between the legs like a nappy/diaper, and secure using the elasticated velcro tabs.
Ideal in situations where it is inconvenient to remove shoes and clothing to do a quick change.

If you have any questions about the design or usage of ConvertUps, please use our contact form to get in touch.