Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping & Payment

  • Is the packaging plain/discreet?
    Yes, we appreciate that some of our customers value discretion. We ship ConvertUps in a good quality plain white "large letter" size envelope with no external writing except for your address, and for customers outside the US, a customs label declaring the contents. Looks like a large letter.

    Here are some pictures of ConvertUps being shipped, to give an idea:


  • Do you ship to my country?
    We ship to most countries in the world. Our website has an integrated shipping calculator, so if in doubt, please go through the checkout process and enter your address details, and as long as you get a shipping price calculated, we are happy to ship to your country. We've shipped to Africa, Australia, South America, Malaysia, Japan, Russia, and all over Europe and North America, including Alaska.

    Here is a map of the countries we have shipped to (PINK) as of September 2018:

  • How much does shipping cost?
    Shipping rates are calculated automatically when you enter your address details. ConvertUps are shipped in discrete plain "large letter" sized packaging, so can easily be delivered through a standard letter box and into regular mail boxes, so there will be no need to be home to accept delivery. 
  • How long do you take to process orders
    ConvertUps are hand made and are usually made to order, so there may be a few days processing time between your order being placed, and your finished ConvertUps being dispatched. We usually advise that 3-5 business days as the typical processing time. So if you order on a Thursday, we would typically dispatch on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday the following week. In some cases, where we already have the size/design you ordered in stock, dispatch time could be faster. Please contact us to check on availability if you need your item really quickly.
  • How long does shipping take?
    It depends on where you are. We dispatch from the US using USPS First Class or Priority tracked shipping, as selected during checkout.
  • Do you offer discount for multiple purchases?
    If you are looking to buy a large number of ConvertUps then please get in touch using our contact form and we can discuss your requirements.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept all major credit and debit cards, Apple Pay (on compatible devices and browsers) as well as PayPal payments.
  • Do you accept payment in my currency?
    The conversion from your local currency to US Dollars (USD $) will be handled automatically by PayPal or your card provider. They debit the payment source based on the current exchange rates.
  • How will the credit/debit card transaction show on my bank/card statement?
    The transaction will look like this:
            SP * CONVERTUPS
    with a transaction reference number in place of the star. If you want to avoid this then you can pay by PayPal, there is no additional charge.

ConvertUps Product

  • What range of sizes can ConvertUps fit?

    ConvertUps are available in 4 sizes:

    size waist suitability
    up to 24 inch
    (62 cm)
    Toilet training kids and smaller teens​
    26-30 inch
    (66-76 cm)
    Teens and smaller adults
    32-36 inch
    (80-92 cm)
    Average size adults
    38-48 inch
    (96-121 cm)
    Larger adults*

    The waist size indicated is the same as the waist size on a pair of jeans, so if you wear 32x28 Levi's your waist size is 32 inches. We can go larger than XL if you require, please contact us to discuss your requirements using the form in the menu. We have done custom XXL and XXXL sizes for customers up to almost a 60 inch waist.

  • What nappies/diapers work with ConvertUps?
    We have tested every brand of baby nappy/diaper that we could find; Pampers, Huggies, Luvs, many supermarket brands, CVS Walgreens, Natty, Boots, etc. As long as you use regular baby nappies/diapers with modern velcro-type tapes, ConvertUps will fit correctly.
  • Do ConvertUps leak, rip or tear?
    Compared to regular disposable bedwetting or pull-up style toilet training pants, ConvertUps are many times more robust. The sides do not stretch out of shape, itch or tear. In terms of leakage, it depends to some extent on the quality of nappy/diaper used. For good brand size 6/6+/7 diapers, with modern leak guards and super absorbent gel, it would take a great deal of urine to cause a leak. The design of ConvertUps keeps the diaper secure and fully opened at the front and the back, so the chances of leaks are minimised. In our testing we have yet to see a ConvertUp leak. For heavy incontinence we would advise changing the diaper after each significant use.
  • How do you wash ConvertUps?
    ConvertUps can be washed with your other clothing in the washing machine at a maximum temperature of 40°C/105°F, you can also hand wash in warm water. We recommend attaching the side bands to the front piece using the velcro to protect the velcro from snagging on any other garments in the machine. You should wash deep colors separately.
  • How do you use ConvertUps?
    There is a link to comprehensive usage instructions in the menu entitled "Usage Guide".
  • What are ConvertUps made from?
    ConvertUps are mainly 100% cotton fabric. There is a lining in the front to make it stronger and stretch-resistant. The side bands are 100% cotton with high quality strong elastic to permit stretch and a comfortable fit. The only other materials used are the plastic snaps and velcro within the nappy/diaper tape enclosures and the front landing area. We source all of the materials that go into ConvertUps responsibly and try to minimize the environmental impact of our activities. We also ensure that our suppliers are responsible employers. All ConvertUps are made in Europe.
  • Do you do other colours/designs?
    We can do bespoke designs and different colors. Please get in touch using the menu contact option and we can discuss your requirements.

About Us

  • How do I contact you?
    Please get in touch with us using the Contact option in the site menu. We do not currently offer telephone support because our customers are in all time zones in the world and we are not staffed to deal with that right now. We promise to respond to your messages quickly and we will call you if that is the best way to resolve your enquiry.
  • How do I register or sign up for your mailing list?
    You have two options on our site. You can sign up to our mailing list using the box at the bottom of every page on the site, or your can Register for a full account, which allows you to purchase and view your order history, etc. Both options allow you to join our mailing list so that we will contact you with special offers, product updates, etc. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr using the links below.
  • Do you share my details with anyone else?
    Absolutely not. Your details are held securely in our system and shared with no one. We use your details to fulfil your order, and if you opt into receiving news and special offer alerts, then we will send you those from time to time, but your details will never be shared with any other company or person.
  • I have feedback or a question on ConvertUps, what do I do?
    Please get in touch with us using the Contact option in the site menu.
  • Where are ConvertUps based?
    We are based in the US. Our products are manufactured within the US, Europe, and UK. We began in the UK and moved our base of operations to the US as demand was particularly strong in North America.